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My Journey as a Photographer

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The Full Story

Upon retiring in February 2021 I relocated to the Coachella Valley pursuing a lifelong interest in fine art photography.  Principal interest is landscapes, and constantly inspired by the vast wonders of Joshua Tree National Park, bringing focus to the beauty of this unique desert and mountain environment.  The approach taken to producing art through photography that is pleasing to all who see my work drives the creative output of the images that are being made.  Collating fresh ideas and applying evolving advances of digital photography culminates in the creation of unique images and fine art photographs.  Additionally, applying techniques developed to other National Parks and Forests in the West.


Active Affiliations

·      Artists Council, Palm Desert CA - Member, Ambassador

·      Coachella Valley Desert Camera Club - Member, Advanced Level

·      Photographic Art Club, San Clemente CA – Member

·      29 Palms Art Museum, 29 Palms CA – Member


·     Artists Council Exhibition 2023 (Juried), The Galen, Palm Desert

                                    Boat in a Cove - Photograph printed on Metal, 24x36

·      Through the Lens Exhibit, 2023, The Galen, Palm Desert

                                    Bohemian Rhapsody-Monument Valley - Framed Photograph, 12x18

                                    Crusty Stones Beach Invasion – Framed Photograph, 12x18

·      Hot Times, Cool Art Exhibit, 2023, The Galen, Palm Desert

                                    Endless Summer - Framed Photograph, 12x18

                                    Silent Legacy – Photograph printed on Wood, 12x18

·      EARTH Exhibit 2023 (Juried), The Galen, Palm Desert

                                    Reflections in Sunrise Sierra – Photograph printed on Wood, 24x36

·      Off the Wall Exhibit 2023, The Galen, Palm Desert

                                    Windblown Sunset – Photograph printed on Wood, 16x24

·      Member Exhibit, 29 Palms Art Museum 2024

                                    Blown Away – Cyan Monochrome Photograph printed on Wood, 24x36

                                    Windblown Sunset – Photograph printed on Wood, 16x24

                                    Sometimes In Winter – Framed Photograph, 12x18

·      Through the Lens Exhibit, 2024, The Galen, Palm Desert

                                    Dawn on the Horizon at Joshua Tree – Framed Photograph, 12x18

                                    New Day in the Canyon – Framed Photograph, 20x24

Custom Finished Artwork

Each of the photographs found on this website can be available for purchase directly from myself.  Finished artwork can be designed in media such as wood, metal, glossy paper (that includes frame and mat).  Many sizes and shapes are possible to meet your needs for spaces in home, office, or shop  decor.

Simply reach out to me with the Contact Form below and I will respond directly.  All quotes will include shipping directly to you.

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